Esports Betting

How to bet on E-Sports?

Only since the 1990s has the world been undergoing rapid development. Computers large as washing machines have become smaller, better and accessible to most people. Phones have cut their curly links to homes and homes and are with us wherever we go. In the midst of all the technological innovation, a relatively new sport has also gained supporters worldwide. A sport in which it does not necessarily help to run fast or kick hard, but where there is a great advantage with a quick head and good dexterity; E-sports.

It is said that dear children have many names, and E-sports is no exception. Whether you choose to write it eSports, E-Sports or Esports, you can’t escape the full name of Electronic Sports. This is due to the fact that E-sports is in short video games put into system, where you compete on teams in tournaments, as you are used to other sports being organized. Despite these similarities, the differences are huge, and where football is played out on a large lawn, E-sports takes place in a virtual world.

Historically, E-sports has enjoyed the greatest popularity in Asia, but in recent years the sport has spread to both the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. Today, E-sports is seriously on the rise and is the subject of major investments in Norway, among other things, one can choose to specialize in E-sports at various secondary schools around the country.

Some of the most popular games today are called Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and DOTA 2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO, is a first-person shooter in which it is about overcoming the opposing team by killing off they before they kill you and your teammates. The two teams are either terrorists or counter-terrorists, with the latter trying to prevent the terrorists from planting and detonating a bomb. In League of Legends you take the step into a fantasy world where both assassins and magicians have to be taken into account. As in CS: GO, it is about overcoming the opposing team, and that is done by sinking the most points. The points can be earned by tearing down towers, killing dragons and barons, or killing opponents. DOTA 2 also takes place in a fantasy world and has many similarities to League of Legends.

When playing on E-sports it is an advantage to know the different games and how a match typically takes place.

This is our review of how to play on E-sports and how to succeed.

How do you really play on E-sports?

In order not to anticipate the course of events, let’s take the first thing first. If you want to play on E-sports you have to be aware of what is the first step, and it is simply to have an account with someone who offers odds on E-sports. . If you have this in the box, the road is further short, you simply have to maneuver to the landing page for E-sports.

Apart from the fact that the athletes in E-sports do not meet on a physical course, such as in football, the premises are relatively identical. Two teams meet to pick a winner, but unlike football, it is extremely rare for a battalion in E-sports to end a draw. This means that in the match outcome category you usually only have two choices, either Team A or Team B winning the match. Games on match outcomes are the basis of games on E-sports and a nice entry for those with limited knowledge and experience with E-sports.

From there, there are many different things to play and the next step in our review of how to play on E-sports is dealing with the different games.

Different game types in E-sports

Match development can sometimes be lightning fast in E-sports and it’s not always okay to keep all games open at all times. However, bets on match outcomes are usually kept open, and in a hectic match you can bet if you follow the match live. However, there are several different types of games that you have to consider if you want to play on E-sports, and although match outcomes are the base itself, there are many other exciting things you can bet on, both before the match starts and when it is underway.

The different game types can be divided into three categories; classic games, special games and game specific games.

Classic games:

These form the core of the odds on E-sports and are the most widespread. Primarily, these are based on which team wins, and it is not necessarily important which team takes note of the first killing of one of the opponent’s players.


Although most bets are not offered in a draw in E-sports, they can in theory end in a tie in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. If you play this, you think the match will end in a draw.

Group of Winner:

Prior to tournaments, you can bet from which initial group the final winner of the tournament starts in. So if you think either Team A or B from Group 2 is going to run away with the tournament owner, you can secure a such a game instead of landing on one of the two teams.

Group Winner:

In some tournaments, teams are divided into groups where they score points together, and of course you can play on which group loses the most points and becomes the winning group in the tournament.


Handicap games are widespread in other sports as well, but in E-sports you get rounds in handicaps instead of goals. For example, if the match is played over five rounds, team A can win, even though they have a disadvantageous 0-2 handicap as a starting point. This means that Team A will have to win the match 5-0 or 4-1 for you to win. A handicap game can also be used if you believe the weaker team is able to follow the better team to the door, but do not feel completely confident that your prediction will strike.

Outright Winner:

If you feel confident in which team will top out in a given tournament you should take a look at this game. It gives you odds on the different teams and their chances of winning the entire tournament.

Over / Under:

Games over or under are widespread in both football and handball and are also something to consider in E-sports. Since goals are not counted in the same way as in other sports, E-sports can be played either above or below a given number of points, rounds or kills. Points and rounds are most prevalent, and if you expect a close and even match between two good teams you can also expect many points and / or rounds.

Region Winner:

Some tournaments are based on regions when the teams are divided, and you can therefore play on which region the winning team is from.

Total Rounds:

In addition to over / under bets, you can play on a total number of rounds. Here, too, you choose either above or below a given number, and regular matches often mean many rounds.

Special Games

Some games are a bit more specific than others and can be exciting for those who follow E-sports live. These games are usually based on shorter periods of time, such as the first half of the game.

First Blood:

This game lets you bet on which team gets the first kill or kill of the match. You will encounter such an odds object both before the match starts and in the live center in games such as CS: GO and League of Legends.

Knife Round / Pistol Round:

In the Counter Strike series, you have to make money to buy weapons and enhancements, which means that you often have to go through rounds where you only have a knife or gun to fight with. These rounds are often dense and characterized by a greater degree of randomness, which can add value to the odds. This game comes to you in CS: GO.

Map winner:

In some games, you come across several different maps during a match, and most teams are stronger on some maps than they are on others. If you have in-depth knowledge of this, betting on map winner can be the way to go, because this odds game allows you to bet on which team will win a given map. This game can be played in matches in CS: GO, DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

Game specific games:

These are odds bets that only show up in a given game, as they deal with an action that is special in any game. For example, one can bet that there will be hands in football, but such a game will not be available in handball or basketball.

These are the most widespread game-specific odds games that come across in E-sports.

First Baron or First Dragon:

In League of Legends, it’s as much about killing barons and dragons as killing the opposing team’s players. It takes a lot of effort to kill than Baron or a Dragon, which makes it exciting to play on whichever team does this first. Here, the odds can often be high, as it is not certain that the teams will be able to kill one of these.

First Inhibitor or First Tower: In addition to barons and kites, it is also possible to level an inhibitor or tower with the Earth in League of Legends. A game on First Inhibitor or First Tower is therefore typical of matches in League of Legends, but not something you want to see in CS: GO.

Knife Round / Gun Round:

As mentioned, sometimes you only have to fight with knife and / or gun in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, making games on knife or gun round unique for CS: GO.

Map 1 Overtime:

Even if you play on time in CS: GO, there are opportunities for the first map to overtime. Therefore, one can often come across games labeled Map 1 Overtime, however only in games in CS: GO.

The best strategy in E-sports

To be successful with bets on E-sports, the rule of thumb is the same as with everything else there are odds on; Learn the game. E-sports can be complicated issues and it is an advantage to get acquainted with the different games. Although they are all played electronically, there are major differences between CS: GO, League of Legends and DOTA 2, and although one has some insight into one game, this knowledge is not necessarily applicable in the face of the other two. If you take the time to understand the different games, you will not only have a good strategy for success, but you will also be able to enjoy far more enjoyment from the many games played in E-sports.

How to Deposit Money to Play on E-Sports?

Although E-sports differs markedly from other sports you can bet on, the procedure for depositing money is not different for E-sports. At various of our listed eSports partners, you as a customer are offered a number of different solutions for depositing money into your account, ranging from VISA cards to various money transfer solutions via the internet.