Betting Systems

Getting started with betting systems

A good betting strategy involves the use of various systems. The advantage of these systems is that they create more opportunities and increase the chances of winning. Here we will explain the essence of system betting and how you can get started in ways that are simple and widely available.

We will begin by outlining the common bets and the bet combinations you can try. From there, we will move on to more essential systems. Finally, we look at a couple of advanced systems and how to proceed from there.

The Advantages of Betting Systems

But first: why bother setting up systems for online betting?

The answer is simple – using systems presents more winning opportunities and the probability of winning is higher. You are, of course, not guaranteed to win anything like some dubious marketers claim when they try to sell you their system, but you do cover more mathematical chances. For example, in a dual system that we will soon be looking at, it is enough that two out of three of your bets are successful for you to win.

The second reason is that system betting is more fun once you get the hang of it. You also get more entertainment when you follow the matches directly or check the results. More winning opportunities lead to more excitement.

It does not take much time to set up the systems. The first few times, it is best to be cautious and the learning curve is steep. Follow the instructions below, and you will soon be an expert.

Single Bets, Double, Treble and Other Accumulators

A system is composed of two or more single bets or accumulators.

A single bet is, of course, a bet on a single match or event with specific odds.

When you place a double, you bet on two matches at once, and the odds multiply. For example, you bet on the match-winner in match A with 2.1 in odds and match-winner in match B with 1.90 in odds. The odds for your bet will be 2.1 x 1.9 = 3.99. But both matches must come in, otherwise, you will not win anything.

A treble works the same way with three matches. For multiple matches, the terms are Four-Folds, Five-Folds and so on.

Double System 2/3

This is a system made up of three or more doubles.

First, we will talk about the most straightforward system where you bet on the outcome of three matches on three double coupons. Stay tuned here because this will also give you the basic understanding of more complex systems.

Of course, for the system to work, you must bet on the same results on all three betting slips.

You have then covered all combinations of matches. You could also do that with a treble, but then you would have depended on the bets on all the three matches to win. Here you win if 2 out of 3 are successful. If all three matches win, you win even more.

Double System 2/4

Let us add another double system. With six double bets, you can cover four matches in a way that gives you a win even if only two of the tips are winners.

You arrange the betting slips as follows:

Bet 1: Match A and Match B

Bet 2: Match A and Match C

Bet 3: Match A and Match D

Bet 4: Match B and Match C

Bet 5: Match B and Match D

Bet 6: Match C and Match D

More Double Systems, Trebles and Four-Folds

Do you see the pattern? You can do the same with treble betting, Four-Folds, and higher accumulators.

Composed Betting Systems

Is it okay so far? Then we will take a closer look at how we combine different singles bets and accumulators to increase the chances of winning even more.

Several such systems are freely available to anyone who wants to try them. We will now look at the Trixie and Yankee 15 systems.

Trixie – The Beginner’s Favourite

A Trixie is a 2/3 dual system as mentioned above, but which you expand with a treble as well. We will take the set up again but will add some odds to the matches to better see the difference between the systems.

Bet 1: Match A and Match B

Bet 2: Match A and Match C

Bet 3: Match B and Match C

Bet 4: Match A, Match B and Match C

The odds for your picks are as follows: Match A 2.0. Match B 3.0 and Match C 4.0.

You will win if two out of three doubles win. You win a lot more if all three bets win. If we say you have wagered £10 on each match, then you can win the following:

On bet 1: 1 GBP x 2 x 3 = 6 GBP

On bet 2: 1 GBP x 2 x 4 = 8 GBP

On bet 3: 1 GBP x 3 x 4 = 12 GBP

On bet 4: 1 GBP x 2 x 3 x 4 = 24 GBP

If all your bets win, you will win the total of bet 1, 2 and 3, namely 6 GBP + 8 GBP + 12 GBP = 26 GBP. In addition, you win 24 GBP on the treble.

In total, you will have a nice win of 50 GBP for a bet of 4 GBP.

Lucky 15 – When You Start to Get the Hang of It

If you have followed us so far, you are ready for larger systems. With the Lucky 15 system, you bet on four matches with 15 bets. The system consists of four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and a Four-Folds. They are set up as follows:

4 single bets

Bet 1: Match A
Bet 2: Match B
Bet 3: Match C
Bet 4: Match D

6 Double bets

Bet 5: Match A and Match B
Bet 6: Match A and Match C
Bet 7: Match A and Match D
Bet 8: Match B and Match C
Bet 9: Match B and Match D
Bet 10: Match C and Match D

4 Trebles

Bet 11: Match A / Match B / Match C
Bet 12: Match A / Match B / Match D
Bet 13: Match A / Match C / Match D
Bet 14: Match B / Match C / Match D

1 Four-Fold

Bet 15: Match A/Match B/Match C/Match D

If one of the matches has the result you bet on, you are guaranteed a win in one of the four singles games. If two or more matches have the desired result, you will win more of your bets.

For example, if your bet on match A and match B wins, you win on bet 1,2 and 5. If both matches A, B and C win, you win on bet 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 11.

If you have four of them correct, then you will win on all your 15 bets. That will give you a nice return.

Can I Earn Money on System Betting?

That is a good question, and the answer is that you can. With some reservations. What we have presented so far is pure mathematics. None of them guarantees a win. If you are offered a system that claims that, you should disregard it.

Betting will typically go in the bookmaker’s favour, no matter how good the systems you use. The use of odds systems encourages you to combine them with the right knowledge, patience, and discipline.

When it comes to knowledge, use what you already know about football betting and add current information. As we have mentioned several times in this guide, statistics such as away and home results and past results between teams are worth gold.

The betting operators who decide the odds have no better access to this information than you. Maybe you can interpret them better than they can?

By discipline, we mean that you should use a system over time to see how well it works for you. Some people find it fun to try a new system every week, but in that way, they do not gain experience with any of them.