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Poker is one of the oldest card games ever to be played. Its historic presence has been around for centuries in which 100’s of different varieties of the game have been created. For the newbies outdoor, poker is one of the only card games that require an element of skill, a little bit of luck & the real pros just know when to bluff. All these 3 factors make up the game of poker, you will get the hang of it once you start playing a number of poker games, learn different betting patterns & how different kinds of players react to certain situations. Casinos Amigos explains in detail what poker is all about and everything you need to know to start playing.

The 52 Card Pack

Poker is played with one set of playing cards which consists of 52 cards. There are 4 different suits consisting of hearts, diamonds, spades & clubs ranging from the numbers 2 till 10 & your high cards of Jack, Queen, King & Ace. You need to identify how many cards there are in order to see how probably certain situations are. You cannot have duplicate cards in poker since only one pack is used. In Poker, it could be that 2 packs of cards are used in order to speed up the process. One set of cards will be the playing cards & the other set of cards will be shuffled by the dealer to be played once the round is over. This makes the game much quicker to be played. Although, with online poker, this is not needed since everything can be done automatically and at a much quicker pace.

Poker Hands

We have just outlined how many playing cards there can be in a poker game. Knowing what cards can come out is very important in table games. You need to understand if certain cards cannot be played or if one than one set of cards will be used. This affects the probability of the game, and in poker, the probability is a huge factor to take into account. If a player understands the types of hands that can come out, the values of these hands & the principles of betting than the player will have a fair chance of winning the game. 

Poker hands are valued in the best 5 cards that you can have. At the beginning of the game you will receive two cards which are referred to as your hand. Once the first betting round is played, three cards will come out on the deck (table) which is referred to as the flop. Then after the betting round, the fourth card will come out which is referred to as the turn & then finally the last card will come out which is referred to as the river card. These terms are commonly used in Poker and it is important to understand what they mean. On each of these cards, there is a betting round where players get to check, call or raise there betting limits based on the hand they receive. 

The Casinos Amigos has outlined team has outlined the best poker variations starting from the highest (best) to the lowest (worst) hand.

  • Royal Flush

If you get this hand, then country your lucky stars because it is very rare to receive this hand. It is the best possible hand you can receive in Poker and it is very hard to do so. In A Royal Flush consists of the highest five cards all in numerical order with identical suits. This will be ten, jack, queen, king, ace all of the same suit such. It does not matter which suit you have, you can have any suit (hearts, diamonds, spades & clubs) and it will be considered a royal flush. A royal flush is an unbeatable hand when you have this hand be sure to bet correctly and keep players in the game.

  • Straight Flush

This hand is very similar to the royal flush but it does not require the highest five cards. A straight flush consists of any five cards all in numerical order of the same suit. For example, 5,6,7,8,9 of diamonds. This will be considered to be a straight flush which is the second-highest poker hand in the game, also very difficult to achieve.

  • Four of a Kind

Commonly known as a ‘Poker Hand’ this consist of 4 cards of the same rank. For example, getting four 7s. It does not matter what the fifth card is as the maximum amount of cards that can come out of the same rank is 4, so you will have all the cards of that rank. In this case, there cannot be the fifth card as there are only 4 suits of each number.

  • Full House

This consists of three cards of the same rank & 2 cards of another different rank. For example three Aces & two 8s. In the event of a tie highest three matching cards will win the pot. The matching three cards has more value than the pair.

  • Flush

This consists of five cards of the same suit. For example five cards all with hearts. In the event of a tie, the highest five cards will win the pot. If the highest 5 cards are the same then the plot is split accordingly.

  • Straight

This consist of five cards in numerical order. For example 2,3,4,5,6. There can be instances where there is more than one possible straight on the table. In this case highest straight wins.

  • Three of a kind

Three cards of the same rank & two unrelated side cards. Highest three of a kind wins. If in the case two players have the same three of a kind then the highest kicker (side card) would win the pot.

  • Two Pair

Having two cards of the same rank & another two cards of matching rank. For examples two 8s and two 9s. Highest two pair wins. If in the rare case there is a tie, then the highest kicker card wins. If the kicker card is of the same rank then the pot will be split.

  • One Pair

Two cards of the same rank, highest card wins. For example, the best pair you can have is two Aces. The worst pair you can have is two 2s. If you have the same pair then the following 3 highest cards win. 

  • High Card

This consist of none of the above hands on the table & in that case the player with the highest card wins. If the highest card is the same then the highest five cards would win.


How to place bets in poker

Betting plays an integral part in poker as dictates the flow of the game. This is when the element of skill comes to play & when players would begin to bluff. The scope of poker is to maximise your winnings when you have good poker hands and minimising your losses when you have bad poker hands. Although, a great poker player will be able to bluff his way through on a bad hand & win by making other players fold. This comes with practice, players would make this judgement based on how high the raise of the player would be. You are able to scare a player away according to how you bet.

Before the cards are played, every player must put in a contribution into the pot which is called an ‘ante’. The ante increases as the blinds increase. The amount you need to bet is referred to as the chip structure which is pretty much standard for each poker game. What can be different is the buy-in amount, the number of chips being played & how often the blind will increase. The whole scop of this is to make players bet with higher amounts as the game progresses.

Each betting interval the player has the choice to ‘call’ by putting the same amount of chips as the player in the first position or ‘raise’ by putting in a higher number of chips. If a player is to call he must always match the highest number of chips in the table. In the first round, everyone must call in order to play. After the first round, the player has the option to ‘check’ where he can continue the round without putting in any chips. If the player does not want to continue playing for that round he can ‘fold’ and will lose any money put in the pot for that round. A player can always raise a bet of another player that has raised. In order for the betting round to end all the bets must be equal and the final player must call or check the bet in order to proceed to the next card. When all the betting intervals are played, and all five cards are on the deck, then the player with the best hand will win.

Try and bluff sometimes, if you raise the number of chips and no one calls then you will win the pot. Always take into consideration the number of chips that are on the table. If only 500 chips are on the table it would not be the smartest move to bet 6000 chips for such a low amount. You need to factor in the risk & probability of what can come out. There is always a bluffing element in poker. There could be instances where you have the best hand but you will decide to fold because of the way your opponent is placing bets. This is why Poker is so popular. You need to try to read the game and take a logical or risky decision based on your hand.

Every round there is a small blind which is half the betting amount required & a big blind which is the minimum bet that can be placed. Every round there is a player who is designated as the first better, a player who has the small blind & a player who has the big blind. This is shifted to the left after every round.

Position in Poker

The position of where the player is for each hand is very important as it dictates the flow of the game. The position is shifted towards the left side of the button every round to give every player a fair amount of time in each position. It refers to where you will be sitting in reference to other players. You need to be aware of what position you are in because this can give you an advantage or disadvantage for each round.

  • Early Position

These positions are the players that will need to be the first to act when it comes to betting. These are the hardest positions to play since there will be a number of players that will need to act after you and you will not have any information on the players betting behaviour. You should always be very cautious when you are in an early position and check if possible in order to see if other players raise and how much they will. If you do not have a decent hand then it will be wise to fold as the probability is that a player to follow will have a good hand. It would be best to play when you have a very strong hand because otherwise, it is extremely difficult to win when positioned here in the table. The players in this position would be the small blind, big blind & the player after the big blind.

The small blind is the first player to act who sits on the left of the dealer or known as the button. The small blind is one of two seats where you are required to put in money before seeing your hand. This is half the amount of the big blind. 

The big blind is at a huge disadvantage since this player will be the second player to act and will have to put in the minimum amount of chips needed to bet for that round without seeing the hand.

  • Middle position

These players would be the 3 players after the small position. You still need to be quite cautious here but you do manage to get more information than the early position would. You are able to see what 3-5 players will bet before you which gives you some information before playing your hand. You are able to take on more risk but still, need to be cautious in the way you bet as there will be more players to follow.

  • Late position

These players would be the last to bet and have the most information about how the hand is going & the majority of the table would have made a decision on their hand before you have even seen your own cards. These positions are the positions before the dealer and it gives you a huge advantage of being in this position. In these positions, you can even raise between 20-40% of the bet to get more players to put in more money for that round. 

  • The button

If you are not the button then it may be good to raise the amount played in order for the player with the button to fold. The button is the last player to make a decision on the table and had the biggest advantage of them all. This position is the most desirable position in Texas Hold’em since this player will always be the last player to act. Being last gives you the opportunity to know all the decisions that have been made by each player before making your own decision. It is the most profitable hand in Poker. You are also able to increase the betting amounts by 50% because if players are already committed with money they put in, they are likely to call your bet.

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