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Bitcoin has been a hot topic for the last few years, and it is now also turning heads in the online casino industry. It is no surprise that this form of cryptocurrency has established itself as one of the preferred depositing options for many casino players. This type of payment brings many benefits to the table. Not only is it so easy to transfer your funds and get started but it also ensures very few processing fees. Throughout this page, we answer the various questions being asked with regards to bitcoin and why it may be a good payment method when playing at an online casino

Keep reading and keep learning all you need to know about Bitcoin casinos right here. Once you’re done with this you should be able to choose one of our recommended Bitcoin casinos. Here you will find our more about:

  • The best Bitcoin casinos online
  • How to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin
  • Which casino games are offered at Bitcoin casinos, including online slots, live casino and table games.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using Bitcoin casinos.

Best Bitcoin casinos – Top 20 sites listed

We have listed below the best Bitcoin casinos that we recommend. Here will you find each of the casino bonuses being offered and any exclusive features that will be provided by your operator of choice. 

Frequently asked questions – Bitcoin Casino FAQ

Not quite sure about what to expect with Bitcoin casinos? No need to worry! Our expert Casinos Amigos have answered all the questions which are frequently asked by casino players.

What is Bitcoin?

A familiar word which so many people have been throwing around over the last few years, but what exactly is Bitcoin? This is a type of cryptocurrency which was designed by Satoshi Nakomoto, and released in the Autumn of 2008. The very first Bitcoin was later mined in 2009 and has since been utilised by various merchants and consumers worldwide, which has created the beginning of an online crypto financial movement. With such a rise in popularity among global markets, this payment phenomenon has grown to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest cryptocurrency the world has ever seen.

Some interesting facts about Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is now accepted internationally.
  • The first-ever Bitcoin purchase was spent on a pizza by a certain Laszlo Hanncyez amounting to 10,000 BTC.
  • The identity of the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto remains a complete mystery.
  • This form of cryptocurrency is limited to a total of 21 million Bitcoins
  • Due to the major success of Bitcoin, more cryptocurrencies have emerged.

What exactly is a Bitcoin casino?

In basic terms, a “Bitcoin casino” refers to any online casino or sports betting operator that accepts Bitcoin as a form of currency. This can either be the preferred currency or also a fiat currency. The last few years have shown that such casinos are significantly on the rise as they offer a vast range of casino games, online bingo products, lotteries as well as betting odds on world-renowned sports events,.

What are the benefits of playing at a Bitcoin Casino?

  • There are no deposit fees since you only pay transaction fees
  • Nobody will tell you what to spend your Bitcoin on. It is highly decentralized.
  • Some of the biggest winners in recent history were all from Bitcoin casino players.
  • Bitcoin is great for withdrawing your winnings as it usually takes not more than 10 minutes to process.

How to find a great Bitcoin casino bonus?

If you’re going to try your luck at the various games on offer, you might as well begin by choosing a bitcoin casino which provides awesome casino bonuses. Each and every casino will offer different Bitcoin welcome bonuses, which is why finding the right one that gives a great deal of free spins and BTC is so important at the start of your gaming journey. We’ve hereby listed all the best Bitcoin casino bonuses here to help you get started.