Classic Slots

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Our variety of online casinos offer a large selection of all your favourite classic slots. These are reminiscent of the old slot machines you could play in kiosks and restaurants a few decades ago. Classic slots usually have an easier setup than modern slots, with fewer wheels and few or no special features. Here you will find all the most popular classic slot casinos which include slot games from renowned vendors such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

Features of Classic Slots

Classic slots, just like the old slots, have only three reels. On these three reels, there are often only a few bet lines, up to five, so it’s easy to keep track of whether you’re winning. The game symbols are often different fruits, such as melons, grapes and lemons, as well as sevens and gold bells. Many classic slot machines also have a wildcard symbol that functions as, well, a wildcard.

However, more and more classic slots have different special features, some of which also have progressive jackpots. These are prize pools that increase in size every time someone bets money on the particular game. The jackpot can reach tens of millions of dollars before it is released, thus giving a palpable win to the lucky winner.

Frequently asked questions about wheels and symbols

Now you have hopefully gained a basic understanding of how the most important elements of the slot machine work. It also means that you should be well equipped to throw yourself into the sea of ​​exciting slot machines.

If you are still wondering about something, the answers to some of the most common questions about the reels and symbols of the slot machines may be getting the latest details in place for you.

How do the wheels work exactly?

When the wheels are activated, they spin vertically and the various symbols “fly” around. It is only when the wheels stop, either by themselves or when you stop them, that the final symbol combination appears. The location of the symbols is completely random, and this is ensured through RNG (Random Number Generator), or random number generator. In other words, which combination stops on your chosen bet lines is impartial and no online casino has any influence.

How do I know which symbols appear during my game?

You can see the symbols used in the game in the relevant classic slot’s pay table. However, you cannot know when and how often the different symbols occur, as this is also determined by the game’s random number generator.

How many different symbols does each classic slot have?

A slot machine usually has between 10 and 12 symbols, depending on the classic slot theme. The first machines used ten symbols and three reels, while today’s modern video slots usually have five reels and more symbols. In other words, this means that the possible number of winning combinations is significantly higher on the latest machines.

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