The Best 3 Bacarrat Strategies

Baccarat is a betting game that is best played with the help of a strategy. There are numerous baccarat strategies to choose from. But if you asked me about my top three favorites, we would pick baccarat strategies with the following characteristics:

  • Logical
  • Easy to understand
  • Have the best possible chance of reducing the house edge; means that you have a high probability of winning
  • The entire game concept of Baccarat requires baccarat applicable to the game.

Unlike roulette, baccarat is rule-based and played logically. So, to get the best chance of success, you need to employ methods that take advantage of the various aspects of what the card sled brings. For example, make a profit if the results are as follows:


Most cards dealt produce mixed results; Combinations of both forms.

We would say that almost all baccarat players who wager in online and live baccarat games employ one form of baccarat strategy or another. Some methods give better results than others, and then there are the very best methods.

We understand that there is an opinion that if you use rule sets (strategies) to win at baccarat, players will not gain any advantage over random play.

Strategy 1: The One-Sided Baccarat Strategy

At first glance, it might seem all too easy to be on one side (banker or gambler). But don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this baccarat strategy. If played correctly, the probability that you will play your way up to a winning position – with 1 out of 2 baccarat card sleds played – is around 3: 1. And the probability that your bankroll will stay balanced (break-even) is around 4: 1.

A little known fact of this method is that both sides, the banker and the player, gain an advantage (although often not much) at some stage in the game. This occurs in roughly 8 out of 10 card games. The side you have chosen to play has an excellent chance of increasing its probability of winning by 1 percentage point or more.

If you bet the same amount over multiple rounds, you need at least 3+ wagering unit wins to bypass the opposing side and cement your confidence and belief about the effectiveness of this baccarat strategy.

One-Sided Baccarat Strategy In Action

Bet at the beginning of a new game of baccarat. If the results are against you, “stand firm” by stopping losses. Never allow yourself to lose more than 3 in a row. (Place bets of the same amount or double the bet)

If you have lost three times, do not place any more bets. Wait for your page to reappear. This is your trigger to start betting on your side again.

Set yourself a goal that you want to achieve in a card game. We would recommend 5+ unit wins. But maybe you also strive for higher things. If that is the case and you lose, you should consider how far into the card game you want to be willing to take risks and bet, because the opposing side could make a comeback.

Don’t go against the tide if you don’t have to. Take your winnings and go to another baccarat table.

When supporting the banker side, keep in mind that at most baccarat tables, a commission is payable on banker profits. While this may not directly affect your goal of making money, it can add up when you encounter a player-dominated card game.


I’m leaning too far out of the window here and know that banker-mad people could catch their breath, but don’t believe in the mantra “Always bet on the banker”, which tries to conjure up the best baccarat strategy. In short:

The average online gaming player bets 2-3 baccarat card games every other day. It does not follow that most of these card games turn out to be banker dominated. Most of them could well be player-dominated.

Even if you go to extremes, say over 100,000 baccarat card games, the banker will have only a slight advantage over the player side. And the advantage is reduced by the hefty banker’s commission!

When a deck of cards goes bad for you, the rule of stopping the loss immediately after losing 3 in a row becomes an important one. The second stop-loss you initiated in a badly going game should have been your last. If this situation has arisen, you should no longer place bets on the current card sled. We would say not take more than one 9 hits per deck of cards.

Recognizing The Limits Of The One-Sided Baccarat Strategy

It is not possible for most strategies to always lower the house edge and/or always get the 100% net profit of all bets. And while that is true of the one-sided baccarat strategy, it is also the case of the house. don’t always win. Also, if a group of players uses the same baccarat strategy that works well in a card game, they will not win. I’ve seen it in real life and I’m sure it will happen in online and live baccarat games too.

By and large, you should be enjoying good games if your side wins and contests in streaks of three or more card draws in a row. Ride the wave of success and take as many winning units as possible.

Watch baccarat card draws live at 888 Slots. Make a note of the results and see how well this baccarat strategy works. You can always adjust something where necessary. For example, you can double your bet if you have the feeling that after a few lost cards draw, your probability of winning is increasing again. That could increase the number of betting units you can win. Patience and experience with the baccarat strategy will help you to further optimize the baccarat strategy.

There is a lot more to this baccarat strategy for advanced baccarat players, but we have shed light on the key points that give a player a good chance of staying in the game and making good wins while controlling losses.

Strategy 2: The Combat Baccarat Strategy Of Trend Change

In my previous article, we wrote about the four main Baccarat trends. For this trend change battle baccarat strategy, you’re switching between trends 1 and 2.

Start betting equal amounts of money and follow the rules of these two trends. So if you lose twice on one of the trends, just switch to the other trend instead of stop betting and wait for your impulse to bet again. 

Your overall stop-loss should be a bit broader, we would say 12-, and your goal should be around 8+. With this baccarat strategy, you will benefit from both ends while staying in control. You will experience your secret moment when you can double your bet. The probability that you will achieve your goal is high at 65%. The probability that you will not reach your goal, but will get into the profit zone, averages 85% in both cases, which corresponds to about 2 out of 3 card games.

Baccarat Strategy 3: Baccarat Strategy To Break The Doubles

This is one of my favourite strategies at Baccarat and is a variation on my book title: “The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy 2.1”

Can the baccarat strategy pass the house edge? Well, given that roughly 90% of all baccarat card draws consist of zigzags and a combination of banker and player AND zigzags, the answer is yes, it can! Let me put it this way … you know when the draws are going to be bad for you and you can therefore avoid them.

Most card draws have the zigzag pattern B / P and double: PP BB

Player and/or banker strands tend to appear in clusters: in immediate succession or at a short distance from one another.

The Baccarat Strategy Works As Follows:

You bet on the counterpart. If the zigzag pattern continues, bet with the pattern.

Example: BP B P B P B P BP

If you lose, DOUBLE YOUR BET ONCE. In the example above, the 4th banker from the left lost, e.g. B. the banker doubling the bank amount, the card drawing. You would increase your bet once. The 5th player, therefore, wins the “breaking the doubles”!

Repeat the rules for the above two steps until you reach your goal. With this baccarat strategy, your total stop-loss on every game should be 9-. If you’ve gotten caught up in a streak of bankers and gamblers, you have two choices if you haven’t already hit your full stop-loss or stopped after you hit your target.

If you lose your bet after doubling your stake, stop and wait for a new entry as shown in the example below. The circled B was the trigger to bet again, so you would have placed your bet on the P.

Get out of the game with the current card sledge, especially if it has been half played and you are not in the profit zone. However, if the game shows very strong strands of pattern B / P one after the other in the first half of the game, there is a high probability that a change to a zigzag pattern could take place. If you lose, DOUBLE YOUR BET ONCE. In the example above, the 4th banker from the left lost, e.g. B. the banker doubling the bank amount, the card drawing. You would increase your bet once. The 5th player, therefore, wins the “breaking the doubles”!


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