The best 7 gambling movies of all time

The best 7 gambling movies of all time

Anyone who loves the world of casinos will be happy to hear good stories on this topic. This article presents seven gambling movies that are well known. In each of them, the classic casino games play a special role, therefore one could say that these are probably the best gambling movies ever.

Rounders – 1998

If you ask poker players over 30 today who or what inspired them to play poker, the answer is almost always the same: Rounders! The John Dahl gambling movie is about Mike, a young law student in New York City (Matt Damon), who is a very talented poker player but ended his gambling career after losing his bankroll due to his studies and his relationship. Only through a friend, a real cardsharp who is in huge money problems, Mike has to return to the dangerous world of illegal casinos and poker rounds and puts his life on the line.

Rounders was the template for numerous gambling movies, but to date, no other gambling movie has come anywhere near a match for John Dahl’s gambling movie. There is not only a lot of action and a lot of tension here but also a deep insight into the live poker action. Even seasoned players can learn something about the mental aspects of live poker and the read of the opponents.



21 – 2008

21 is a gambling movie that couldn’t be better. Hardly any other Hollywood blockbuster brings out the exciting atmosphere and the thrill of gambling at real casino tables as it does here. The gambling movie is based on real events and tells the story of your MIT professor and six of his highly talented students who put their math skills to use and win millions by counting cards at blackjack.


21 is an exciting gambling movie by Robert Luketic, which knows how to convince with a lot of tension and some surprising twists. This gambling movie is an absolute must for all blackjack fans and players who are wondering how card counting actually works.


Casino Royale – 2006

This 1973 remake of the classic is one of the best gambling movies. It shows the world of high stakes, where class, risk, and wealth rule.


The famous secret agent James Bond is played for the first time by Daniel Craig. His mission is to stop Le Chiffre, the banker of many global criminal organizations. He wants to win a game of Texas Hold’em with a huge stake. The place of the game is Le Casino Royale in Montenegro. If we can prevent the terrorist from winning the game, it will mean the end for many criminal organizations too.


Of course, the gambling movie continues the tradition of the James Bond films: It focuses on the atmosphere and offers interesting insights into the world of money laundering.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – 1998

Another cult gambling movie based on a true story: the protagonist is the journalist Hunter Thompson, played by Johnny Depp. He and his lawyer go on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Hunter writes about sports and uses drugs. He wants to cover a sporting event in Sin City.


Thompson spends a lot of money on drugs and has adventures with dealers, hitchhikers, gamblers, and the police. In this gambling movie, Las Vegas is not a glittering world, but rather a dangerous place and the antithesis of the American dream.


Casino – 1995

Another classic gambling movie is: Casino. Robert de Niro plays Sam “Ace” Rothstein, an ex-gangster who was employed by the Mafia as manager of a casino in Las Vegas. One day his old friend Nicky Santoro, played by Joe Pesci, visits him. He is a sub-boss of the Mafia and wants to cause a stir in Vegas. While Rothstein is more interested in running his casino as well as possible, Nicky wants to gouge the town and get everything that. In this gambling movie one can see a classic story of rising and fall, the lure of quick money and mafia-like structures that have always shaped the USA.

The Gambler – 2014

In this gambling movie a professor of English literature, played by Mark Wahlberg, is addicted to games and loves high stakes. After losing to dangerous criminals at blackjack, he owes them $ 240,000 – of course, they are not happy about it.


The professor is desperately looking for a way out to get away with life: this gambling movie shows the dark side of gaming. In this gambling movie one can see how addiction destroys life. Both the dark atmosphere and the great script make this gambling movie worth seeing.


Croupier – 1998

This gambling movie brings you into the world of gambling from the perspective of a croupier: Jack Manfred, played by Clive Owen, is a author – and broke. He becomes a croupier in a large casino. His shady work steps provide inspiration for his Romans, but he keeps getting on the wrong track.


In this gambling movie it is about the dark side of the small casinos that has little to do with the glamorous Hollywood image.


Now that you have all the best gambling movies listed right here, feel free to check out our best online casinos!

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